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  • Westbury History Society

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    How they lived
  • Westbury during the blitz

    Inspiring stories from residents
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    Businesses in Westbury
  • Westbury College

    Education in Westbury



Westbury Heritage Society would like to welcome you to the town and the Visitor and Heritage Centre, located in the High Street.

Westbury is a small town in Wiltshire, one of the south-western counties of England, bounded by Gloucestershire, Berkshire, Hampshire, Dorset and Somerset.

The town lies beneath its famous White Horse hill-carving at the western extremity of Salisbury Plain.

The Westbury Visitor and Heritage Centre was opened as a place to exhibit interesting local information and artefacts. It is run by people wanting to preserve the heritage of this lovely town.

Please use this site to find out more about the history of the town, information about the Visitor and Heritage Centre, and the Society's current programme.

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